Gondola Wine Shelving

8' Gondola shelving with dark laminate trim

Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelves are the basic building blocks of steel shelving - they come in a variety of heights and lengths, and we carry both one-sided shelving to be installed along a wall, and two-sided shelving to create aisles.

Typical shelf depths range from 10" to 30", and our shelving is available in finishes ranging from white, tan, and black to silver and copper vein.

All of our steel shelving systems are manufactured by Kent Store Fixtures in Birmingham, Alabama. Learn more about Kent.

If you are interested in steel shelving for your wine or liquor store, please call (386) 302-0396 or fill out our wine shelving information form.

Pecan Wine Store Shelves

5' Gondola shelving with pecan laminate finish

Shelving Options

Our steel shelving system has a variety of options to change the appearance and functionality of the shelves. The final product can range from a basic convenience or grocery store look to a high end wine store look. Available options include:

Wood Ticket Molding

Natural wood ticket molding warms up the look of a shelf

Shelving with Rounded Base Option

Gondola shelving with rounded base upgrade

Shelving with Wine Basket Option

Gondola shelving with open end baskets

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